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74 kms from V.T. on Central Railway, it is 11th century Chalukyan Temple. Big fair is held on Mahashivratri day.

Bassein Fort

52 kms from Churchgate on Western Railway. Originally this Fort was built by Sultan Bahadur of Gujarat but in 15th century he gave up to the Portugese. It has a wonderful natural setting overlooking sea. It is a worthseeing place.


It is an enchanting picnic spot. The suburban electric train stops at Borivli from where Ghodbunder is 9 kms by road. up


88 kms by suburban electric train to Bassein Rd and thence 28 kms by road to Thane and thence 33 kms by road to Vajreshwari. The Ashram of Swami Nityanand is there. A bath in hot water springs is really exhilarating for those who are suffering from high blood pressure and skin diseases.

Tansa Lake

103 kms by suburban electric train and thence 14 kms by road to Tansa Lake.

Tulsi Lake

4 kms via Western Express and Aarey by road or 38 kms via Goregaon and Aarey by road. By suburban train to Goregaon and thence 6 kms by road to Tulsi Lake. up

Powai & Vihar Lake

26 kms and 28 kms by suburban electric train respectively to Kurla or Andheri and thence by road to these Lakes. Buses from Andheri Railway Station are also available on Sundays and Holidays. A delightful park is laid out by the side of Lakes and there are number of shady trees for relaxation. Vihar and Powai Lakes are adjoining. Visitors will find a varying skyline of the suburbs.

Vaitarna Lake & Dam

122 kms by suburban electric train to Khardi and hence 12 kms by road to Vitarna Lake and Dam.


35 kms by road via Malad and 30 kms by rail to Malad and thence 12 kms , 5 kms , and 6 kms respectively by road.

Versova Beach

29 kms by suburban electric train to Andheri and thence 5 kms by road to Versova Beach.


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