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1) Ganapatiphule : This is very famous awakened & swayambhu place near sea shore. It is said that Sage Parashuram had omen & he consecrated Ganesh idol on hill top. The hill is itself in Ganesh form. As such if you have to take holy rounds (pradakshina) of the temple, you have to go round the hill itself
2) Dashabhuja Laxmi Ganesh : Hedvi, Tal. Guhagar, Dist. Ratnagiri. It is near to Chiplun & Guhagar. Magh Ganesh Jayanti is celebrated on grand scale.
3) Shri Siddhivinayaka : Nandgaon Dist. Raigad, Mumbai - Murud & Murud - Nandgaon S. T. buses are available.
4) Shree Ganapati Devasthan - Sangli : Situated on banks of river Krishna. This is most awakened & beautiful temple in Sangli. It is a tutelar deity of Sangli. Thorle (elder) Chintamanrao Patwardhan consecrated the idol in 1843.
5) Digambar Siddhivinayak of Kadav : It is situated in Taluka Karjat of Raigad district. Sage Kanva consecrated this idol. Since the idol is without cloths it is call a Digamber Ganesh. It is at a distance of 9 kms. From Karjat.
6) Kasaba Ganapati - Pune : It is tutelar God of Pune. Rajmata Jijabai consecrated the idol. In weddings ceremony, first invitation is give to this Ganesh.
7) Mangalmurti Chinchwad - Dist. Pune : Great hermit Moraya Gosavi found Ganesh idol in Morgaon & consecrated the same at Chinchwad. The place is spiritually awakened. Regular P.M.T. buses are available from Pune.
8) Rajur Ganapati of Rajpur : After killing demon king Sindurasur, Vinayak told Ganesh Geeta to king Varenya at Rajpur. It is treated as one peetha out of three & half Ganesh Peethas. Regular state transport buses are available from Aurangabad. Idol is swayambhu.
9) Shree Modakeshwar - Nashik : Blasted by a curse of Lord Shiva, Kamdeva attained his previous form by worshipping Shree Ganesh. It is also popular by name Kamvarad Mohotkat. Idol is in the form of Modak. Moda means happiness, one who gives happiness is Modakeshwar.
10) Ekchakra Ganesh of Kelzar : Before killing demon Bakasur, Pandav prince Bhima had worehsipped Shri Ganesh in city Ekchakra. Ekchakra is presently called as Kelzar & it is at a distance of 24 kms. From Vardha.
11) Shree Vidnyan Ganesh Rakshas Bhuvan (Marathwada) : Situated on the banks of river Godavari, Rakshas Bhuvan is at a distance of 36 miles from Jalana. Shree Dattatreya propitated Vidnyan Ganesh & consecrated the idol.
12) Lake Ganapati - Pune : This temple is in the middle of lake situated in a garden Saras of Pune. Idol with trunk turned to its right was consecrated in 1774 by Shreemant Sawai Madhavrao Peshwe. Siddhivinayak fulfills the vows.
13) Shree Ganapati - Sitabardi (Nagpur) : Idol with trunk turned to its right is very very strict & spiritually awakened. It has been consecrated by Bhosale Sardar of Nagpur.
14) Verul (Ellora) Lakshvinayaka Kshetra : The ancient name of the place is Ellapur. Kumar Kartikeya consecrated Vinayaka here, before starting war with demon King Tarkasura.
15) Shri Vakratund - Aawas : It is at a distance of 12 kms. From Alibaug. King Abhijeet & his queen performed strong penance of Lord Kanakeshwar. They learnt Vakratund Mantra & on chanting the same for years they got a son. On their request Shree Ganesh had stayed there for ever. Mountain Kanakeshwar is at a distance of 5 kms. Toward east.
16) Shree Chintamani ( Kalamb Dist : Yavatmal): It is one of the 21 famous Ganesh Kshetras. Spiritually awakened place.
17) Bhalchandra Ganesh Kshetra : 26 Miles away from Parbhani, there is a station called Sailu Nearly 15 miles away from Sailu, Bhalchandra Ganesh temple is in the midst of river Godavari.
18) Shree Siddhivinayaka : Anjarle, Tal. Dapoli, Dist. Ratnagiri : Temple is on Mountain.
19) Shri Ganapati : Balgir Maharaj’s math, Naded. It fulfills the vows.
Famous Ganesh Temples in Greater Mumbai.
20) Shri Siddhivinayak - Prabhadevi : Siddhivinayak fulfills the vows. As such devotees come in big numbers on every Tuesday & on Chaturthi. Original small temple is now renovated & you will see a big & beautiful temple with golden pinnacle. Shri Phadke
21)Ganapati - Goregaon : This temple has celebrated its centenary year in 1996.
22)Udyan Ganapati Shivaji Park, Dadar
23)Shri Ganapati - Vazira Naka, Borivli : Idol is inborn (swayambhu) spiritually awakened place. Devotes come in big numbers.
24) Shri Mahaganapati (Titwala) : By propitating Ganesh Idol, Consecrated by sage Kanva, Devi Shakuntala & king Dushyant came together after a long period of disagreement. Shakuntala & king Dushyant god married here only. Idol from Mahabharat period was vanished, while constructing lake peshwa saradar Ramchandra Mehendale got the present idol. The Madhavrao Peshwe consecrated this idol. If Mahaganapati is worshipped regularly marriages of desired people can be fixed easily. If Mahaganpati is propitlated properly, conflicts between husband & wife come to end. Those who desires to have son, will get son. In Mahaganpati’s temple, there is sanctum of Lord Shivshankar towards right. In the right hand corner of the sanctum, padukas of great Ganesh devotees late Shri Vengaonkar Joshi are consecrated. Devotes should take darshan of these padukas. Since Mahaganapatis idol was worshipped properly & scientifically by sages in ancient times, today also idol looks alive. Ther is a temple of Vithoba - Rukmini near Mahaganpati’s temple. One iron tube is sent out of sanctum of this temple. It is said that sound of Bhajans (holy songs in praise of God) going on in the temple of Pandharpur can be heard from this tube. You can also visit nearly places like satis memorial, jaypal maharaj’s Samadhi, shiv temple in vasundry village. Lodging & boarding arrangements are availabe with ancestral poojary Shri Govindrao Joshi. Private hotels & lodges are not available in Titwala. Titwala is a third railway station from Kalyan on Mumbai-Nashik railway line. Titwala, Asangaon, Kasara locals are available from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus of Mumbai.


1) Madhya Pradesh :
a) Bade Ganesh in Indore : Ganesh idol is 12 feet high.
b) Shree Chintamani of Ujjain
c) Dwibhuj Siddhivinayak of Amarkantak
2) Rajasthan :
a) Bali Ganapati : Consecrated by king Bali.
b) On the banks of river Tapi, Lord Shriram had consecrated Ramaji Ganesh before killing demon Tratika.
3) Uttar Pradesh :
a) Omkar Ganesh (Prayag)
b) Dhundiraj Ganesh in Kashi : This Ganesh is in the temple of Kashivishveshwar.
4) Himachal Pradesh :
a) Shadbhuj Ganesh - Baijanath, Dist:Kangada : Great Saint Dnyaneshwar while describing Shri Ganesh in his book Dnyaneshwari has given names of the weapons in the six hands of Shri Ganesh. The same weapons are found in the hands of this Shadbhuj (six hands) Shri Ganesh.
b) Ice idol of Bal Ganesh in Amarnath Gumpha.
c) Shri Ganesh in Ganesh Gumpha where Ganesh had pendown the Mahabharat.
5) West Bengal :
a) Ashtabhuja Ganesh in village Vadanagar on the banks of river Hubli.
6) Bihar :
a) Ganesh temples are situated in Rajgriha, Mountain Mandar, Ramgad etc.
7) Orissa :
a) Ajanatha Ganesh in Jagannatha Temple of Puri.
b) Ganesh caves in Ganesh gumpha of Khandagiri.
8) Andhra Pradesh : Various Ganesh temples are situated in Bhadrachalam, Vijayawada, Kalahasti etc.
9) Kerala :
a) King Dharmagupta of Trigart consecrated Ganesh idol in Shreemadnant temple. King of Mysore Tipu Sultan came her to destroy the temple. His mind was changed after dinking the water from the well in the temple. Tipu Sultan then gave gifts & annuities to temple.
b) Shree Ganesh of Madhupur : he likes famous sweet Udupa.
10) Karnataka:
a) Vighnantak Vinayak, Hampi : Idol is not elephant headed instead it is man headed. Vighnantak Vinayak killed demon Gajmumukhasur.
b) Kaudinya Mahaganapti of Kurdamale in Kolar district : Idol of Mahaganapati is 9 feet high & is made of green marble.
c) Gokarna Mahabaleshwar : Here Shree Ganesh is in the guise of young Brahmin with two hands. This Ganesh is Worshipped before worshiping gokarna Mahabaleshwar. This Ganesh in the guise of young Brahmin saved Lord Shankara’s Lingam from the hands of demon Ravana. Ravana had hited this Ganesha & the mark is till present on the idol.
11) Tamilnadu :
a) Kurumbithar Vinayak of Kumbhakonam : This Vinayak is also called as Sudha Ganesh. At the time of Amrut Manthan when Amrut (heavenly necter) was not coming out of the sea, Gods consecrated Ganesh idol here at Kumbhakonam & worshipped him & prayed for their success. Ganesh was pleased & gods got the Amrut from the sea.
12) Gujrat :
a) Bhadraganesh : Temple of Ahmedabad is from Peshwa time.
b) Siddhanath temple of Baroda & Revati Ganesh temple on Girnar mountain are very famous.
c) Sisodra Village of Navsari district has a Banyan tree with Ganesh idol in it. It is said that this Ganesh idol appeared in this banyan tree nearly four hundred years ago.
d) Durgakut Ganesh near Sorati Somnath.

In abroad Ganeshji is recognised by different names. In Nepal, he is called as Suryaganapti, Mahapini in Burma, Dhotakar in Mangollia, Sokaprak in Tibet, Prahakness in Kambodia. In Japan Ganapati is called as Vinayaksha & Kalantak on Java island. In Japan Ganesh Temples are called as Kangiten. It is said that Emperor Ashok’s daughter Charumati constructed a Ganesh Temple in Nepal. In Nepal Herambh Ganesh with ten hands & five heads is very popular. There is big Suryavinayak Temple in Bhalgaon district near Kathmandu. Suryavinayak with one head & four hands is sitting on two rats. The bronze idol of Ganesh in Kambodia belongs to 13th century. The idol has broken elephant tusk in right hand & one holy book in left hand. However, the crown is of typical Kambodian style. Ganapati is Java is known as ‘Boro’s Ganesh’. Head of this Ganesh is very big & he is eating prasad with his trunk. Speciality of the idol is that soles of feet are attached to each other. Stone idol of Ganesh is found on Bali island. Here Ganapati is called as Fire God. Idol is sitting on throne of flames & has a mashal (Burning Stick) in right hand & bowl in left hand. In Vietnam, ancient sayami book has been found. It has 6 photoscapes of Ganapati. It also has photo of Ganapati standing on Tortoise. Ganesh idol in Bornea has four arms & has matted hair like Lord Shivshankar. While excavating in Luristhan in Iran (i.e. Persia) Ganesh idol was found carrying a sword in his hand. This idol is now kept in national Museum of Paris. It is said that the idol might be 1200 years ago. This warrior Ganesh possess snake in his left hand & a divine tridend in right hand. The speciality of this idol is that Ganesha has beard. In Afganisthan Ganesh idol in the form of ‘Alidharuna’ has been found. People of Kabul worship this Ganesh. From the statement carved on the base of the idol, it appears that this idol belongs of 6th century. Mexican people in south American still worship elephant headed God. Ganesh idol found in Kopan’s temple is recognised as God of rain. It has two light lines in its both hands which symbolises lighteneing. Greece mythology also mentions presence of God of wisdom known as “Janus”. The idol of Janus is elephant headed 7 has two trunks. Janus is worshipped before starting any new work. We, Indians also worship Ganesh before Starting any new work & call him God of wisdom. As such there is very much similarity between Ganesh & Janus. In Sri Lanka, at a distance of 200 kms. From Columbo, Ganesh idol is found in Subramaniyam Temple of Kadargam. Today also Shri Ganesh is worshipped according to vedic system. There is a big Ganesh Temple in Noshiville city of U. S. A. This is the story of Ganapati’s all over the world.

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