An Introduction

The mission of the company could well be described in one sentence:-

is established to set an example before the Indians that the Goat farming on modern and scientific lines could be a commercially viable activity and this has a tremendous potential of providing jobs to the unemployed rural and urban public and also the potential of producing nutritious food, Leather and other products many times than the present, if this activity is encouraged and brought to the international standard, SELF is also established to earn best returns for the investors."


India has a typical practice of trading the goats live either directly to consumers,roaming small butchers, or in the weekly markets. Goat meat is of particular importance in Asia which consumes 65% of the goat meat produced in the world. The breeding stock fetches almost 200% prices. The other goat products are never produced by anybody or marketed. However, the demand is tremendous.



" SELF PVT. LTD.(Shivaji Estate Livestock & Farms P. L.) " is the first private sector enterprise in India to take up the goat & the allied activities as a large scale commercial venture.

Present & projected activities of SELF are:

  1. Two major goat farms at Nagpur & Baramati in 500 & 1200 acres of land , 10 small goat projects in 100 acres of land at different places in Maharashtra State where the branches of the company are functioning. Present number of goats is about 5000 which is projected to be raised to 80,000 in next 5 years.

  2. The company carried out development and cultivation of land for fodder purpose; built goat houses to accommodate about 10,000 goats including a temperature and humidity controlled shed for experiment purpose. The goats are staffed and looked after by the veterinary doctors. The experiments of cross breeding and artificial insemenation are carried out to raise the production.

  3. Animal feed is manufactured in plants at Karad and Nagpur. The production for special feed for goat is under experiment.

  4. Goat manure collected is composted and marketed under brand name.

  5. A small, modern and hygienic slaughter house is built at Nagpur farm.

  6. Two Restaurants with sitting capacity of 300 persons each are in the completion stage. The purpose of the restaurants is to popularize goat meat recipes.

  7. The company is shortly opening chain outlets for sale of mutton (goat meat) and the mutton snacks at Nagpur, Mumbai and Pune.

  8. The company is planning to bring pasteurized milk in Mumbai market. The plant will be supplied by Alfa level. Cheese will be produced from goat milk with the help of French UCARDEC who are technical partners of SELF from last 3 years.

  9. A large-scale Boer goat production project will be shortly taken up by the company in the Konkan area (West coast).

  10. Tannery units and rendering plants shall be established by the company with the two modern abattoirs at Baramati and Mumbai for export of meat and leather.

  11. A training center is built with boarding and lodging arrangements for 70 persons. Practical goat management training is imparted to the people from villages. Special training courses are conducted for rural women & they are given goats for rearing by the company for gainful employment. State government has given responsibility of providing goats to 2000 persons under states scheme of loans to the people below poverty line.

  12. SELF has a separate department called Consultancy division. Guidance is given to the individuals and the firms or companies on commercial goat farming.

  13. The new division of the company will be formed to manufacture cosmetics from goat milk. "SELF is inviting the interested parties."


The company has invested about 10.50 million US $ in the above activities. The source of finance is the money collected from public and long term repayment basis. The total investment envisaged is to the tune of US $ 100 million. The company has prepared the business plan and the project reports, which are being submitted to the financial consultants worldwide.



  • The team of the company has now experience of running it for last 5 years. It consists of about 100 qualified persons in technical, financial and marketing field.

  • It has earned very good brand name & is very popular in rural & urban areas of Maharashtra.

  • The Managing Director & other directors have taken up goat development as the life mission.

  • It has planned to fulfill all its objects in 15 years.

  • It has a strong team of young people (25 to 35 of age) qualified and determined to achieve the objectives & also there are elderly executives with 3 decades experience and high qualifications with international reputation in animal husbandry field.


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