The People with the mission to bring revolution in Goat Farming ....!!

"SELF" came into being, with a vision. A vision that eschewed easy paths to profitability and instead sought for ways to make a contribution in eradicating rural poverty. It is a vision that led youth and experience to branch out of the established avenues of venturing into the Goat - Farming venture which laid the foundation of "SELF."


" SELF Pvt. Ltd. " , formed and incorporated to earn profits, is a commercially and professionally managed organization with a mission in hand. The Directors understand the value of the task ahead of them and carry it out efficiently.
SELF has chosen Corporate Goat Farming as its main line business earning, thereby gaining the distinction of being the pioneering company in this field. It is the first company to bring Goat Rearing / Trading business under Corporate gamut hither - to known to be as a sparsely unorganized sector.


The first Goat Farm of SELF at Chargaon is spread on 500 acres of land with 5000 Goats of various breeds is 40 kms. away from Nagpur on Nagpur - Katol road. It is nestled against a hilly landscape with numerous small and big ravines and a lake called Chandrabhaga Jalashaya on the opposite side. The place is 310 meters above MSL at 79° , 10 longitude and 21° , 0 latitude. Hence, the climatic condition is semiarid and the seasonal temperature varies between 7°C in Winter and 47°C in Summer. The annual rainfall is 1000 mm. in monsoon season spread over 60 days. The quality of the soil is comparatively low and the nature of the sub - soil is murum. Water resources are in abundance fulfilled by bore wells, dug wells, nalas and Jalashaya. These meet the requirement of agroforestry, goat-houses, laboratories, dispensaries, residential quarters and construction work.


With the technical assistance of local Soil Department, the contours have been developed to tap water and avoid loss and depletion. Three bore wells with Submersible Pumps, one with 225 ft. and the other two with 350 ft. deep provide adequate water resources. 3” pipe connections with the utility mechanism provide water to fields. Additional resource of water is also being drawn from Chandrabhaga Jalashaya through mechanism of lift irrigation from the Department of Irrigation on a leasing arrangement for 18 years. Latest available technology for sprinkling water through Italian rain guns & mechanized methods by conventional means are being applied.


In order to develop agro-forestry and silvi pasture for goat feed, nursery work was undertaken by procuring seeds of Heti, Subabul, Babul, Ber, Apta, Neem, Hiwar, Maharukh, Pimpal, and Vilayati Imli etc. Among the cultivated fodder's thorough irrigation, Maize, Soyabeen, Mung, Cow pea, M.P Chari Sorghum, Dashrath Lucerne and Barlseem are grown to meet the supplementary demand of fodder.


Fully equipped Laboratory , Medico Surgical Dispensary , Residential accommodation for Managers, Doctors and Supervisors have been constructed and are in operation. Main and auxiliary roads were constructed during the initial stage. Furnished Self Institute of Goat Research and Training Center and the Hostel with 32 rooms accommodating 64 trainees as well as Krishak Bhavan are in existence.


All the animals under SELF are kept under strict physical regimen, such as deworming and prophylactic vaccination against Enterotoxaemia FMD, H.S, B.Q, as per the prescribed veterinary and maintenance norms and requirements. Animal health control is done under the supervision of highly Experienced and Qualified Veterinary Doctors.


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